Tax Consultancy

for businesses and private individuals with a core focus on International tax law

Service, you can count on

Nonbinding First Meeting

Tax consultancy is very much a matter of trust! The chemistry needs to be right and you need to have the feeling that you are in good hands with us. Therefore we offer a nonbinding first meeting to businesses. This first personal conversation will give you a better idea of how we work and how you can profit from a co-operation with us. Would you like further references and to speak to other clients of ours? We shall gladly provide a contact to other clients of ours with similar tax issues.

Fair and transparent fees

For each client and each assignment we will discuss the cost outline in advance. For some parts of our service we offer the possibility that you take over a certain part and therefore can influence the fee. In this way you have maximum flexibility and you know in advance which costs you will face.

Individual Advice and Customised Solutions

We take the time to intensively get to know your specific needs and your particular tax and economic situation. We also look into your requirements for the year-end statements in terms of commercial and tax laws, for which there are partially various possibilities. We shall advise you on their impact, so you can make a wise decision.

Digital Accounting

As a modern tax consultancy we offer the DATEV Online-Service “Unternehmen Online” to our clients. After we have issued you with an access to this unique online accounting tool, you can electronically file and submit your receipts for your accounting and review them at all times. Get a first impression of this possibility of a paperless accounting system and look at this short Video. Please contact us if you are interested in the service offered and if you wish to participate in “Unternehmen Online”.

Password Protected Client Area

As a client of our Office you can use a password protected client area on our website. With your own personal access, you can directly upload your paperwork to our server. The insecure sending of your documents either by post or email is no longer necessary. Furthermore, in the Client Area you also have access to up-to-date client information.

Client-friendly Scheduled Appointments

Our office team is available Monday through Friday from 9.30 to 17.30. Should it not be possible for you to schedule an appointment within our office hours, we can of course offer you an individual evening appointment on our premises. Please contact us during our office hours for an appointment.

Call back guarantee within 24 hours

We take time for each client in order to be able to concentrate on your particular tax issues and needs. Therefore we may not be able to react to your query immediately, however we will try to reply as soon as possible. The processes within our office are organised in such a way that you will have feedback for your enquiry within 24 hours.

Foresightful Advice

With us, tax advice is really advice. Supporting you in all economic fields has top priority at our office. In the autumn, it is already foreseeable how successful your fiscal year is and which tax saving strategies are feasible. We have an “October Meeting” with you, so that there is still enough room for manoeuvre before the fiscal year ends.

What can we do for you?

Find out more about the services and advice we offer in a nonbinding first meeting at our office.  You will notice immediately that we do not only offer extensive tax advice. You are just as well looked after concerning management, accounting, wage accounting, tax returns and year-end statements, as well as many other administrative jobs.

At our office you are in good hands – as a business as well as with private tax issues. Profit from our 5-Star-Service.

We look forward to meeting you!